"The Boomers Class: I consider myself a very active senior.  I do Zumba Classes 2-3 times a week at a fitness club, I play Pickleball 3-5 times a week, I bike a 20 mile ride every week. So, I get lots of Aerobic/Cardio exercise.  BUT….only this class works on core, balance, upper body (ie., arms!!!) and stretching. Although I only do it once a week - I should probably do it 3-5 times a week.  I am so thankful that LuAnne does this class because I would not work on those aspects if it weren’t for her and her incredibly  great class.  Thank you, LuAnne!"  ---Cindy R.



 "I’ve been active all of my life and never had to think about gaining weight, until a few years ago. I gained weight very slowly and woke    one morning fifteen pounds heavier. Wow! Things do slow down when    you hit a certain age. Then, I found LuAnne who became my personal trainer, life coach     and mentor. She’s honest (sometimes brutally so), but effective and  supportive at the same time. I have lost ten pounds of fat and now have a firm core, muscled arms and thighs. No more muffin top! She changes my routines so I’m never bored and always challenged. If she can’t answer a question, she researches it and gets back to me quickly. She’s a fun, dedicated professional and now a very good friend." ---  Paula M.


"My significant improvement in the last couple of months has been my improved core strength.  I am now able to more easily lift items that previously would have been a bit challenging. I also enjoy being able to feel muscle tone on my sides." --Melissa A


"I love this class (Core) and the Monday night one too! You are a terrific teacher/trainer." -- Sherrill S













"Short and simple: If you   want to feel better   and look better, you want   to work out with   LuAnne Kalman. She provides a fantastic mix of enthusiasm, expertise and encouragement that makes her classes completely different from others I've tried. LuAnne cares deeply about her students and is wholly committed to helping them improve their health, their well-being, and their lives. She helps you set realistic expectations from day one, and then she is at your side at every session to support, enhance and celebrate your progress. If you are lucky enough to have a chance to join one of her classes or work one-on-one with her, do it and get ready to enjoy both the process and the results." --- Alexandra  R


"I am NOT a person who is normally inspired to take an exercise class. As a matter of fact, the last time I took any kind of an exercise class Disco was alive and well. I decided to give LuAnne's class a try and it was a perfect fit. I really appreciate the balance of the workouts being challenging, reasonable and fun. I love the way she explains the specific physical benefits of what we're doing. She pushes us JUST enough. I also love the music! It's not always easy to come to a class at the end of a long work day, but I always feel better physically, mentally and spiritually after my hour well spent in her class." --- D. Dunne













"Fellow Baby Boomers:   I recently retired and immediately signed up for the FunFitness classes. LuAnne is wonderful! She knows her stuff and helps with nutrition, too. Her exercises and stretches don't require a lot of equipment, and, no machines. In other words, things we can do at home and continue for the rest of our lives. You move at your own pace, gaining strength as the class progresses. The best pressure, no super young bodies around to intimidate -- just other Baby Boomers trying to be the best we can be! Take the class. You won't regret it." --- Rita W.


"LuAnne is an awesome trainer. She took me through some slider and core exercises when I was in the Bay Area. These simple exercises improved my strength, flexibility, and balance. Luanne guided me in using the correct form to prevent injury and maximize the workout. She is an excellent instructor, and I can’t wait to train with her again when I am back in Portola Valley." --- Ed S.

"I've participated in many different exercise classes over the years from Jazzercise to Curves and a couple of gyms. I think I have found that in LuAnne's Boomer Fitness class I like the way she explains and shows us how to do the moves. The music she plays has the beats that make it easy to do the moves to. The variety of working each area is so important as we age and she understands that so well to be able to teach her class. Good methods." --- Lynda A.

"I started with ChezFit Boomer Fitness during the 2013 summer and am now in FitBall class. I am an active hiker and spinner but was struggling with an extra 25 pounds that crept up gradually and hung on. Boomer Fitness added stretching, strength and balance exercises while still getting in an active, challenging workout. Also, it was a blast. FitBall workouts are another new challenge. I can feel the difference in my muscles--arms, legs and core--as I learn and practice the new exercises. The atmosphere is fun and supportive, LuAnne is knowledgable and inspiring. I am close to my weight goal but, more importantly, I am feeling stronger than I have in decades." -- Sherri C.

"I have been continuously participating in LuAnne's Boomer Blast classes since June, 2013 and I love them!  I have several back injuries and LuAnne has made sure my positioning is correct and that I am always stretching.  My back and neck are stronger and I feel better as well.   I think the best part is that I am using all of my muscles in her workouts.  When I exercise by myself, this doesn't happen.  It's fun to be working out with someone who understands how to help people who have some limitations.  LuAnne is very motivating and encouraging.  I look forward to attending her classes!" -- Sandra W.

"I have enjoyed and greatly benefited from being in LuAnne's fitness classes. I feel stronger and healthier every week!  LuAnne's classes are challenging but fun. She really cares about keeping us going and gives individual attention and encouragement. I have been in other fitness classes but LuAnne's is the one I really look forward to each week!" -- Kathy R.

LuAnne’s “core” class is better and more fun than any prior Pilates or core class I've taken.  The class focuses strongly on the core but includes lots of full-body stretching.  It's great for strengthening muscles that are often neglected and for improving flexibility, balance, and joint movement!   I didn’t used to like ball work, but this class has definitely made my back, abs, and neck stronger."  ---   Barbara K.













I am an enthusiastic client who has worked with LuAnne for eight years and she really keeps me on track!  I am 68 and interested in staying healthy and strong. The work that we do together keeps me fit and I am injury-free due to her sensitivity to mature bodies.  She mixes up our workouts so that they are interesting and challenging.  She evaluates my movements as we perform the various exercises, making sure that I am gaining maximum benefit. And, she is fun to work with!  I wholeheartedly endorse LuAnne and would be happy to answer any questions or have a personal conversation regarding her services." -- Joan B.

"I took LuAnne's class to work on balance and strength in an Approaching/Over the Hill group.  The surprises for me were that my balance and coordination were not as good as I thought they were. I have improved since I started the class and I have the chance in class to work on them and continue working on them at home. When I started the class, I was sore the next day, and now I am pleasantly aware that I have had a good work out the next day.  I really enjoy the music in the class and realize that I can only sing along when my body is doing a good job of following the workout and my brain is following the instructions. For a while there, we had a pretty good chorus going in class, but now we seem to be focused on getting the body to follow the workout.  One wonderful change for me from taking this class is that I notice that my posture is better. I stand and sit taller. I am glad too that the class is at a time that I can come." --- Edith C.

"As my personal trainer for two years, you were direct, effective, knowledgeable, creative, and awesome! Having moved out of the area, I really miss those training sessions, your expertise, and you.-- Suzi W.

"LuAnne Kalman’s FUNtional FITness class exceeded all of my expectations.  I have been physically active throughout my adult years as physical fitness is a major priority for me.  A severe back injury two decades ago led to avoidance of exercise classes for fear of being re-injured.  Henceforth, I have always relied on an athletic facility’s equipment and the swimming pool to get my workout.

When I learned of LuAnne’s FUNtional FITtness class focusing on Baby Boomers, I decided to try it after reading the class description.  I was pleased to learn that LuAnne’s primary focus is avoiding injury.  Movements are gentle with smooth transitions.  Every movement serves a purpose, which LuAnne explains in detail with rationale. 

Some of my favorite parts of LuAnne’s class are the slow, gentle stretching and relaxation techniques.  A busy lifestyle tends to negate deep breathing and relaxation but LuAnne gives us permission to unwind and breathe with our movements.  I feel energized at the end of her classes and we do have FUN with the props that she provides.  Light hand weights, stretch bands, balls and slide discs add variety and keep the class interesting. 

LuAnne knows her stuff and challenges us to think about our movements, yet her class isn't intimidating for anyone new to an exercise class.  I highly recommend her classes."  -- Gayle M.

"LuAnne's classes are great!  They include strengthening and stretching in a fun, non-competitive and pleasant environment.  Routines are varied so that no two classes are the same, which keeps me interested.  LuAnne gives individual attention while leading the group towards loftier goals without pain or injury; it's a challenging workout that also allows each of us to work at our own pace.  Because I have back problems, having a teacher who is knowledgeable and cognizant of back issues is extremely important to me; LuAnne's training and personal knowledge on this is stellar.  I always feel invigorated after Stability Ball class - I highly recommend!" -- Amanda L.

"I highly recommend LuAnne Kalman's FunFitness class. LuAnne integrates warm - ups, strength and stretching. Her classes are perfectly paced for maximum benefit. She uses a wide variety of props very effectively. Her focus on breathing is very helpful. She pays attention to the needs of everybody in her class, often pausing to give advice or a helpful hint. She has a very positive attitude and her lessons are always fun and inspiring." --  Jill R.

"LuAnne Kalman is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher.  I have experienced her "Ball Blast" class and I always feel great afterward--well stretched out--and well oxygenated.  She is also careful to let us go our own paces to avoid injuries." -- Suzanne H.