Fusion Fitness is a program designed by a Baby Boomer for Baby Boomers. It offers targeted heart-healthy and joint friendly moves to OUR music! In the Spring of 2020, these in-person classes transitioned to Live ZOOM sessions and Boomers are checking in from all over the U.S.  Please click on the ZOOM tab for class schedule.

The History of Online Classes:

Muscle and Hustle trains for strength and endurance -- and provides cross training exercises to help you live (and play) without risk of injury or excess soreness

Burn for the Return focuses on body mechanics with more dynamic movements.

Gams and Guns I takes your muscles to a whole new level of strength and definition.

Gams and Guns II brings power, endurance, AND SEXY arms & legs.

New Year's Resolution Solution! (NYRS) -- the Q-1 class that will give you the physical, emotional, and cognitive tools to jump start your new year.

FUNctional FITness combines strength, agility, and balance training to mimic daily functional movements.

Periodized Training is a structured program that varies the exercise selection & order, volume, intensity, and intervals to produce greater gains in strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

No Muss-No Fuss---Bands 'R Us! is the Q-2 2023 wake up call for muscles that have become accustomed to traditional training using dumbbells. Details on ZOOM page.   

Following is a list of some of the suggested equipment that we have used for Fusion Fitness classes:

  • Light and heavier dumbbells (ideally differing by 2-5 pounds)
  • Elasticized resistance bands (preferred 3 levels of intensity/resistance) AND
  • Padded cycling or weight lighting gloves for comfort when using bands
  • A firm-backed chair (dining or office --no rollers or swivels)
  • Gliders or sliding discs (exercises can be done with or without)
  • A Yoga strap, necktie, scarf or hand towel
  • Please wear comfortable workout clothing, sturdy athletic shoes (no bare feet or socks), and have water handy to stay hydrated.

Upper Left: Fusion Fitness weighted ball. Lower Left: BootCamp at Valley Presbyterian Church. Lower Right:  Gliding disks for low impact killer leg workout at Lane Family Hall, Valley Presbyterian Church.