As the proud founder of Chez Fit (formerly an active aging movement, but now a living young movement), I’ve had the pleasure of helping to transform lives from “tired of feeling tired”, “my body hurts all the time”, and “I can’t do that because I’m old”. Now, there is “vim, vigor and vitality”.

Over the years, my programs have adjusted for aging bodies, injuries and surgeries.  Now, an increasing number of changes are due to bodies becoming stronger, more flexible and more agile. Better balance and posture are pronounced. Attitudes are more positive, cardio vascular capacities have increased and overall health has improved. We are not trying to stop or turn back the clock – we are welcoming each day and preparing for new adventures.

The key component for all my sessions is the music -- the hundreds of top hits from our generation. My playlist changes weekly. We may be doing some of the same exercises, but the musical rhythms are what stimulate the “rewards centers” of our brains. Locked away in these centers is the chemical called Dopamine which promotes happiness and well-being and helps to improve our movements and thinking.

Ten years ago, I had a traveling "Boot Camp" and brought weights, cones, playground balls and resistance tubing to different locations.  During the pandemic, our active aging movement developed into a friends and family network connected by our zest for life and through Zoom. Our ChezFit family spans several parts of the U.S. and grows with each session. I want to thank all of you that have joined me in this journey and I encourage others to move & groove with us toward a healthier, more active life together.  To contact me, click HERE.

Registration for the 2023 Q-2 classes is open. Please click on the Zoom tab for details. 

Training your body for life...