Training your body for life...

I completed my first cycling century, skied my first downhill run, was open-water Scuba certified, and hiked into and out of volcanic craters after the age of 40. l retired early from a lengthy accountancy career and returned to school. I completed a two-year program and received a Fitness Professional certification from Cañada College in Redwood City, CA. I hold many professional designations, but most importantly I am an active aging advocate. I believe in science based nutrition and activity, and that exercise is medicine. I have specialized training in the aging body and I help women (and men) to stay healthy and vital as they approach and continue through their menopausal years. I train clients in the privacy and comfort of their homes and I teach group fitness classes open to all levels.

My mantra is training your body for life...   and it reminds us that our behavior and the choices we make today will ultimately impact our future quality of life. I encourage everyone to have fun, to nourish and keep your body strong, flexible, pain-free, & resilient, and to be the best that you can be!

Consider yourself in training for your biggest, most important event:  YOUR LIFE.


Fall Registration Begins in September!

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